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Nothing adds warmth and charm to a home like a well-kept yard full of lush trees. However, even the best-kept trees can suffer from damage, overgrown branches, or other concerns that can detract from the attractiveness of your landscape and even pose a threat. Mclean Tree Tree Doctors can help with that.

We Provide Commercial and Residential Tree Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Services

  • When Should I Think About Removing A Tree?

You should consult with our arborist if your tree is:

Dead or Dying Tree



It poses an impassable impediment that cannot be removed through pruning.

Causing harm to other trees

Suffering from underlying issues

  • When Should You Call A Tree Service?

Summer is ideal for little tree cutting and thinning. For the tree's health, it is best to perform heavy pruning between November and March. However, most tree services are dependent on the health and development of your tree. As a result, you may call our staff at any moment to schedule a visit and determine whether your property requires tree treatment.

  • What Will The Cost Of Tree Service Be?

There is no set price for removing a large tree or providing other tree care and maintenance services like tree trimming. The size determines the cost of your project, scope, complexity, and time length.

  • How Soon Can I Arrange To Meet With Your Team?

We provide 24-hour emergency tree removal service for after-storm property upkeep, a fallen tree, or a leaning tree. If it's a routine tree care service, we plan a visit as soon as possible

We're here to help you restore your outdoor area to its former splendor and improve its overall visual appeal as a professional tree removal service. We specialize in tree removal that is both safe and ecologically friendly, as well as emergency storm cleanup. Whatever type of tree work you require, our certified arborists have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to complete the job swiftly and inexpensively.

Don't let tree damage or overgrown branches detract from the appearance and safety of your home. Contact us immediately for the best tree service and let us help you restore your yard to its former glory.

Are you concerned that infected or overgrown trees may detract from the beauty and value of your home? If so, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Mclean tree service business right away. It would be best to have rapid expert assistance to maintain your trees healthy, whether it's your property or a business place.

You may also be concerned about the threat that will follow the storm. It devastates your yard with falling branches and harms good trees. Make an appointment with Mclean Tree Service and put your worries to rest.

Our tree arborists are pleasant, qualified, and well-trained to handle emergency and routine tree maintenance. We promise prompt and high-quality tree service, so don't worry – you're in good hands with our staff. Our customized techniques for your property ensure that your beautiful yard is appropriately cared for.

If you need a qualified tree service crew, search for the 'best tree service near me' or call our tree specialists now.

Other Services

  • Tree Cutting

    We should remove a dead or dying tree as soon as feasible. However, you don't want to break your driveway or damage nearby trees. Our tree removal company offers safe tree removal using the necessary techniques that do not damage the foundation of your home or business.

    Grinding and removal of stumps

  • Pruning and Trimming Of Trees

    A tree's health is put at risk by dead or dying branches, insect infestation, animals, storms, or other mechanical harm. Contact our trained tree trimmers to schedule regular tree pruning and guarantee your backyard trees grow robust without becoming dangerous to your safety.

  • Storm Debris Removal

    A storm may leave your property with fallen branches, broken limbs, or damaged trees, posing a safety risk to you and your house. Cleaning it all up with the proper tools and safety equipment is safe. Leave the post-storm cleanup to our tree surgeons in Mclean, VA; we guarantee emergency response upon your call.

  • Tree Bracing and Cabling
    As your licensed tree doctor in Mclean, VA, we can identify damage indicators on a tree's trunk or branches before it's too late. We use cabling and bracing techniques to assist you to extend the life of your tree by 10 to 15 years.

  • Tree Stump Removal

    Tree stumps are both an eyesore and a tripping hazard. So, suppose you wish to clear the area for aesthetic or safety reasons or to plant or build something new. In that case, our skilled arborists in Mclean, VA, can go to work with protective headgear and stump grinding or stump removal equipment.

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Mclean Tree Services provides various tree services and is well-equipped with the expertise, tools, and training to solve any tree problem. Our objective is to make your yard more appealing and durable than ever before. Contact our arborists right now!

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